The 43rd Annual home CADC Awards Show

Gold Awards

GO BOLD Campaign for the Connecticut Art Directors Club

  • Gold
  • category: Integrated Advertising Campaign
  • firm: Kelly, Erin
  • client: The Connecticut Art Directors Club
  • creative director: Erin Kelly
  • designer: Erin Kelly, Logan Galla, Franklin Canales, Holly Johnson, Jordan Crockett

We wanted our creative community to GO BOLD or go home this year for the 42nd Annual CADC Award Show! The campaign includes a direct mail/poster piece, animated Instagram posts, an engaging landing page and custom enamel pins.

Happy Brew Year

  • Gold
  • category: Self-Promotion
  • firm: Taylor Design
  • client: Taylor Design
  • creative director: Daniel Taylor
  • art director: Daniel Taylor
  • designer: Bria Caso, Cindy Lau
  • copywriter: Stacey Resnikoff
  • illustrator: Cindy Lau
  • printer: Printech, Stamford, CT
  • paper stock: Various

A holiday mailing sent to clients and prospects.

AEGIS 2016 Annual Review

  • Gold
  • category: Annual Report
  • firm: SVP Partners
  • client: AEGIS Insurance Services Inc.
  • creative director: Bob Vitale
  • designer: Bob Vitale, Jean Page
  • illustrator: Michael Newhouse
  • photographer: Bill Gallery, Amos Chan
  • printer: Universal Wilde
  • paper stock: Domtar, Cougar Super Smooth

The annual alerts & educates the mutual's membership on the impact industry disrupters can have on their energy companies, and the insurance industry. We highlight the importance of embracing change to best meet the challenges facing business today.

Our daily lives have to be a satisfaction in themselves

  • Gold
  • category: Books
  • firm: Emily Larned
  • client: self
  • creative director: Emily Larned
  • art director: Emily Larned
  • designer: Emily Larned
  • copywriter: Emily Larned
  • printer: Emily Larned
  • paper stock: French Paper Dur-o-tone

This handmade book documents 40 years of Bloodroot, the feminist vegetarian restaurant & bookstore in Bridgeport, CT. The book was conceived, researched, edited, Risograph printed, & handsewn by the designer.


  • Gold
  • category: Books
  • firm: Julia Balfour, LLC
  • client: DERMAFLASH
  • creative director: Julia Balfour
  • art director: Julia Balfour
  • designer: Holly Johnson
  • copywriter: Caitlin Monahan, Kristen Stanise, Kristen Peterson

This book is complete guide to everything DERMAFLASH from visual elements, to company vision, voice and messaging. This is a tool for the whole team to reference and maintain a unified understanding of the brand.

Brigham Health

  • Gold
  • category: Corporate / Institutional/Public Service Periodicals
  • firm: Taylor Design
  • client: Brigham Women's Hospital
  • creative director: Daniel Taylor
  • art director: Steve Habersang, Daniel Taylor
  • designer: Steve Habersang
  • copywriter: Joy Howard
  • illustrator: Various
  • photographer: Various
  • printer: Universal Wilde
  • paper stock: Sappi McCoy

A magazine for alumni of Harvard Medical School and staff and various audiences of Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

Aspetuck Brew Lab Cosmic Siesta & Turbidity Lucidity Label Designs

  • Gold
  • category: Packaging
  • firm: Hops & Branding
  • client: Aspetuck Brew Lab
  • creative director: Nick Gamma
  • designer: Nick Gamma

For Aspetuck Brew Lab I decided to push the "lab" aspect of the brand & develop an element for each beer, ultimately for an Aspetuck Periodic Table. Main parts of each can prints to a metallic base, supporting the scientific aspect of the brand.

Hartford Art School Catalog

  • Gold
  • category: Catalogs
  • firm: object|resonance
  • client: Hartford Art School University of Hartford
  • creative director: Mark G. Snyder & Kevin Sepe
  • art director: Mark G. Snyder & Kevin Sepe
  • copywriter: Robert Calafiore
  • illustrator: Constanza Segovia
  • photographer: Defining Studos, various
  • printer: Allied Printing
  • paper stock: Accent Opaque & French Craft

Targeted to HS students, Guidance Counselors, Art Teachers and parents that sells the intimate nature of the HAS. Wrap the book as a gift in paper with doodles by HAS Alum Constanza Segovia which talk about student perspectives and staff perspectives

WCSU, Guest Artist Series Poster: Steven Brodner

  • Gold
  • category: Poster
  • firm: Western CT State University, Department of Art
  • client: Western CT State University, School of Visual & Performing Arts, Department of Art
  • creative director: Jack Tom
  • art director: Jack Tom
  • designer: Jack Tom
  • illustrator: Steven Brodner
  • printer: Western CT State University Publications

Every semester, WCSU Department of Art invites illustrators & fine artist as guest speakers to present to our art students. This poster promoted Steven Brodner visit to our campus this Spring.

Graver's Brilliant Adventure

  • Gold
  • category: Miscellaneous
  • firm: Elements, LLC
  • client: The Graver Family
  • creative director: Amy Graver
  • designer: Kathryn Erb
  • illustrator: Don Carter

Pigeon characters created to introduce daily activities throughout surprise family vacation.

Tufts Toughlings

  • Gold
  • category: Interactive App
  • firm: Primacy
  • client: Tufts Medical Center & Floating Hospital for Children
  • creative director: Kieran McCabe
  • art director: Franklin Canales
  • designer: Franklin Canales
  • copywriter: Greg Bradley
  • programmer: Programmers: Justin Lutz
  • other credits: Animator: Eric Juliano, User Experience: Meaghan Shanley

Existing Toughlings characters were created, animated and brought to life with gesture recognition software and the Microsoft Kinect technology. The experience encourages kids to get out of bed and play along with their favorite characters.

Ideal Fish

  • Gold
  • category: Business & Corporate Websites
  • firm: Taylor Design
  • client: Great American Aquaculture
  • creative director: Daniel Taylor
  • art director: Daniel Taylor, Steve Habersang
  • designer: Steve Habersang
  • copywriter: James MacKnight
  • photographer: Various
  • programmer: Chris Yerkes

Ideal Fish, a 63,000 sq. ft. facility in Waterbury, CT, provides US consumers with a locally produced, fully sustainable, high quality European Sea Bass free from any hormones, antibiotics or chemicals. We created a new website for the company.

God of War

  • Gold
  • category: Catalog/Product Websites
  • firm: Real Pie Digital
  • client: Sony PlayStation / Santa Monica Studio
  • creative director: Kirk Skodis
  • art director: Mike Barnes
  • designer: Kuba Bogaczynski, Rolf A. Jensen
  • illustrator: Mike Barnes
  • programmer: Ryan Hovland
  • other credits: Aaron Kaufman, Rob Flemming

Website promoting the release and purchase of the video game, God of War. For the best-selling and best-reviewed PS4 game of all time, the website features the incredible journeys of a father and son in Norse mythology.

78/52 Campaign

  • Gold
  • category: Online Campaign
  • firm: Real Pie Digital
  • client: IFC Films
  • creative director: Kirk Skodis
  • art director: Mike Barnes

Social Creative campaign promoting the theatrical and VOD release of the documentary, 78/52, about Alfred Hitchcock's pivotal shower scene in the classic horror film, PSYCHO.

FLACS Health and Wellness Program

  • Gold
  • category: Corporate/Institutional/Public Service Video
  • firm: Cork Factory Films + Communications
  • client: Family Life Academy Charter Schools
  • other credits: Director: Ted Kawalerski; Editor: Matt Stanton; Producer: Gene Mayer

Family Life Academy Charter Schools are located in the South Bronx of NYC. A strong part of their commitment to their students' education is to provide them with healthy food choices and nutritional education for in school and out. Password: CADC-1

High Hopes Melissa's Story

  • Gold
  • category: Pro Bono Video
  • firm: Julia Balfour, LLC
  • client: High Hopes Therapeutic Riding
  • creative director: Julia Balfour
  • art director: Julia Balfour
  • other credits: Videographer: Jeff Doiron

This video raised three times its fundraising goal for the scholarship program at High Hopes. It features an inspiring look at Melissa Carney’s journey as a High Hopes rider and the volunteers and horses that helped her along the way.

FLACS Trailer-- The Right Expectations

  • Gold
  • category: Video - Miscellaneous
  • firm: Cork Factory Films + Communications
  • client: Family Life Academy Charter Schools
  • other credits: Director: Ted Kawalerski; Editor: Matt Stanton; Producer: Gene Mayer

This introduces the Rev. Raymond Rivera, founder of Family Life Academy Charter Schools. It presents his ideas, passion and purpose in starting these public charter schools. The video was part of a larger documentary submission package for PBS. Password: CADC-1

Broken Bones and Loose Change

  • Gold
  • category: Photography
  • firm: Aaron Kotowski Photography
  • client: HAIL Archery
  • creative director: Paul Emery
  • photographer: Aaron Kotowski Photography
  • other credits: Technical Consultant: Mike Scaniffe, Firm: Emery Works

Stoic environmental portraits for HAIL Archery.

The Battle of the Sexes Poster

  • Gold
  • category: Illustration
  • firm: Real Pie Digital
  • client: Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • art director: Michael F. Barnes
  • illustrator: Michael F. Barnes
  • printer: Long Island Giclee
  • paper stock: William Turner Paper
  • other credits: Kirk Skodis, Creative Director at Real Pie

This illustrated poster was created to help promote Fox Searchlight Pictures' film, on social media and as a limited print in celebration of the film's release. It is meant to evoke the 1970s illustration style, often seen in vintage TV guides.


  • Gold
  • category: Illustration
  • firm: Gagliardi, Magge
  • client: Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • illustrator: Magge Gagliardi

"Seasquatch" is featured on the 2018 Collective Arts Brewing Series 9 "Ransack the Universe IPA" beer can which is an internationally released product. It is also featured in the First Edition "Collective Arts Zine", a quarterly publication.


  • Gold
  • category: Student Print / Unpublished
  • firm: Sweeney, Megan
  • client: Megan Sweeney
  • creative director: Megan Sweeney
  • art director: Megan Sweeney
  • designer: Megan Sweeney

Elementality is an exhibition that allows people to experience a personal connection to healing crystals by following a quiz to find what chakra is imbalanced. The 7 chakra energy centers of the body can work with the 7 crystals users can take home.

Brazil Stamp

  • Gold
  • category: Student Online & Interactive / Unpublished
  • firm: Graphic Design / Art & Art History / University of Connecticut
  • client: ART3132 Motion Graphics
  • creative director: Mark Zurolo
  • designer: Will Wang

Design a narrative for and animate a 2D stamp

Matter Network: TV Bumper

  • Gold
  • category: Student Online & Interactive / Unpublished
  • firm: Hartford Art School
  • client: n/a
  • art director: Andrew Wollner
  • designer: Chris Herrera
  • other credits: original footage from: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Ex Machina (2014), Bladerunner (1982).

An exercise in sequential graphics, Matter Network is an identity for a television network that broadcasts science films. This project had two parts, first creating an identity and second demonstrating that identity through a TV bumper ad.

Lucrezia as Raccoon

  • Gold
  • category: Student Illustration
  • firm: Padilla, Joseph
  • client: Lauren Mills
  • illustrator: Joseph Padilla

A master copy of Rosa's Lucrezia asPoetry, but with a raccoon's head.

Tangled up in Blue

  • Gold
  • category: Student Illustration
  • firm: Padilla, Joseph
  • client: Bill Thompson
  • illustrator: Joseph Padilla

Bob Dylan, Tangled up in Blue